Video is the most powerful, cost-effective marketing tool currently available to businesses & manufactures today.

intro-video-for-pc-macOur company specializes in producing affordable, professional sales videos for Delaware Valley businesses. Here are reasons why video can increase your profits and save you money:

  1.  Manufacturers we’ve produced videos for report closing one sale for every four (4) videos they send out to qualified prospects.  Is your direct mail program getting results like this?
  2. A video can demonstrate – quickly and precisely – your products’ features and benefits in action, with professional narration, graphics and even animation to assist in conveying your message.
  3.  With video, you can expect close to 100% viewer ship.  People enjoy television, and they aren’t yet in the habit of throwing videos away. How many prospects read a brochure cover to cover?
  4. Video is incredibly cost-effective. A seven-minute video costs less than $8 to mail, including packaging and duplication; an in person sales call averages $275. Studies show that 87% of sales representatives will be asked to return several times, increasing unnecessary expenses.
  5. Video presentations display product information to your specifications. These will free up your company sales representatives to do what they do best: SELL!
  6. The uses of video are endless.  Our clients use their videos at trade shows, in sales presentations, to reach prospects overseas, and in place of costly live product demonstrations. 

Let us present samples of videos we have produced, which have assisted in countless winning sales for various Delaware Valley businesses.  Just call or email for a no obligation interview and free price quote. PS:  You may have heard that professionally produced videos are outrageously expensive.  Our videos cost less to produce than many color brochures. And we now offer new computer/video technology that significantly reduces production costs! We are a full service company, serving the Entire East Coast, and all the surrounding areas. We only offer the finest professional services for the private and corporate client. From an intimate wedding or banquet, to a theatrical or industrial production, Do’Vidio Images is there to serve. At Premium Studios & DoVidio Images Media Service, under the caring direction of owner and operator Craig DoVidio, we handle every type of production from basic videography, and advanced television programming, to on location mobile Disc Jockey mobile entertainment, to advanced audio/visual assignments. Digital still photography is also available from our High Definition camera systems. Using only the latest in digital technology, have a professionally trained crew, allows us to consistently maintain high standards.

Our company provides a wide variety of video services.

Industrial Video: 8mm & 16mm Film to Video Tape Transfer, Slide to Video Transfer, Still Photograph to Video Tape Transfer, Specialized Video Tape Editing, Music and Voice Additions, Legal Video Services, Video Wills, Video Depositions, Video Titling & Graphics, Promotional Video, Demonstration Tapes, Theatrical Events, Sporting Events, Live Music Video Taping, Video Resumes, Video Letters, Aerial Video and Photography and Company Picnics, all types of business or social events to mention only a few.