The five stages of production for this service will be completed by DVI.

  1. Pre-Production: (Planning)
    Preparing a cover letter and request to be filled out by client interested in pursuing a video program. Creation of script, storyboard, rental agreement of all equipment, coordinating crew, tape, laser print labels, hard shell cases, on location scouting and all other pre-production planning.
  2. Production:  (Shooting)
    Set up of all production equipment two (2-3) hours prior to event start time. Test all equipment as per plan of show. Videotape the event in real time (as it occurs). Two separate camera video sources will be used to switch from. One source will the main camera.  The second camera will be the reaction camera.  The switching unit will also be located nearby to direct the camera operator’s where/what to shoot.  Audio feeds will be from lapel microphones on the talent themselves. If this is not possible, shotgun and alternate directional microphone systems will be places near to receive a good “sound” source. Lights will be strategically placed around the talent to create three point (three dimensional) lighting, to create the best possible lighting set up.  Crew will communicate with wireless intercom systems, I will switch and direct event as it occurs. Break down of all equipment will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We will need clearance to stay later to pack up.
  3. Post-Production:  (Editing)
    The master footage (raw stock) will be edited together with some animation and many computer graphics representing all the agreed upon information from the storyboard and script.
  4. Duplication:  (Copies)
    This edited master represents the finished final product of the show. From this Sub-Master, all duplications created.
    * All duplications are made during this process.
  5. Distribution:  (Delivery)
    All tapes will be appropriately labeled and boxed in a hard shell case. Upon completion of this stage, all tapes will be delivered via UPS ground or air by a predetermined date and time.

This complete process from scripting the show to finally delivering the tapes and distributing them, can be handled through Premium Studios.   I will produce the complete program from start to finish. With Premium Studios coordinating with your show this will be a great experience for all.




All rates include 60 miles of total travel. Forty five minutes to one hour of setup & breakdown time. We start shooting approximately 20 minutes before scheduled start time of event. Add 5% to totals for non-Philadelphia based projects for tolls & mileage.


SCRIPTING VIDEO (pre-production planning)

Audio Visual Consultation                                                                                                           $35.00 Per Hour


SHOOTING VIDEO: (Production, on-location)

Included in below “hourly” rate is one camera package (audio and lighting included) and one crew operator.

First Hour:         One (1) hour only.                                     $350

Half Day:             Three (3) hours (end at 3rd  hour)        $625  (consecutive)

Full Day:             Five (5) hours (end at 5th hour)            $775  (consecutive)

All Day:                Eight (8) hours (end at 8th hour)          $999 (consecutive)


Base Rate:          $350  per hour for video production (shooting)

Overtime:           Past All Day coverage per half hour                                                     $ 95 per Half Hour

Media Stock:     DVD case, label, ink, optical disc, copy burn of finished DVD       $10 – $25 per disc/tape

(format dependent)

Crew Technician:   Needed by client and event.                                                             $ 35   per hour


SHOOTING STUDIO VIDEO (Multi-camera switch):

Rental of Studio for one day                                                                                                                      $400-1000

Camera costs same as above


EDITING VIDEO:  Hourly Rate:  

OFF LINE, or ON-LINE Editing

(DVD/Tape stock not included) Computer Non-Linear editing:

All animation and titles, and music available are included. “Clock” starts to run at beginning of consultation.

Included in below “hourly” rate is one editor & one editing system in office, not on-location.

Please note: Rendering of video content, any exports for the purpose of making a DVD and or web video,

the creation of a normal DVD menu,  the build and burn of a DVD & uploading to the internet take time.

The hourly rate editing “clock” will stop running and charges will be assessed when all work is complete.


First Hour:         One (1) hour only.                                     $350

Half Day:             Three (3) hours (end at 3rd  hour)        $625  (consecutive)

Full Day:             Five (5) hours (end at 5th hour)            $775  (consecutive)

All Day:                Eight (8) hours (end at 8th hour)          $999 (consecutive)


Base Rate:          $350  per hour for video editing.

Overtime:           Past All Day coverage per half hour                                                     $ 95 per Half Hour

Media Stock:     DVD case, label, ink, optical disc, copy burn of finished DVD        $10 – $25 per disc/tape

(format dependent)



We can create special visual effects for your program. These effects are in some cases impossible to do

in-house, hens, the contracted rate for those “titles” must be created on an as needed bases.

Special Visual Effects Technician needed are generally charged at editing hourly rates.


TAPE COPIES (duplication):

DVDs / VHS tapes are professional labeled in hard case (original or prerecorded video or audio tape)

Studio Dubbing master tapes (Single Copy / Per Hour includes Tape)                  $35.00 Per Tape

Each additional copy of the same tape                                                                                 $20.00 Per Tape



Original/prerecorded video or audio tape must be input into the computer. Cost based on edit charge.

Charges are based on editing time (as stated above)  to create final compressed file on CD/DVD-ROM.


Cost based on edit charge.  Studio dubbing or creation/burning master CD-ROM

(Single copy per one CD-ROM disc)       $ 50.00 Per CD-ROM


Each additional copy of the same CD-ROM. $ 40.00 Per CD-ROM DVD-ROM/VIDEO

creation is separate charge from CD-ROM.



Basic DVD is a copy of a 2 hour tape:                                                                                                     $35.

Advanced DVD is a menu driven DVD:                                                                                                 $225

(to create a menu driven DVD (1 hour of footage).


We professionally edit a compressed version of your event, at your event, on the day of your event!

We can then show it to your guests through video or plasma screen projection!



My Life Story (Interview of CEO): One (1) Camera Shoot & Edit

Show a Highlight Video Presentation to your reception guests! Display photographs, 8mm film and

alternate original archival footage of you as the talent. Includes in this package are all the elements of the


MUSIC VIDEO and FAMILY HISTORY packages.   We go to any two locations with you (within 8 hours portal to portal) and shoot creative and exciting footage. We then edit those special memories, within a 10 hour edit session, to your 5-14 minute polished video presentation. With your scripted voice over, and if you choose,

we can show it to your guests or place on your web site. Let us tell your video story, or create your story video!

Professionally produced and directed by our studio with you as the star! Customized Animation and titles sequences, with current special effects are include at no extra charge! The CEO will receive three edited masterpiece on DVD with titles, animation, current special effects presented in a hard shell case.

An audio CD of your edited interview audio can supplied.

Mixed interview format. Animation, Voice over and music montage edited together in a 5-10 minute video.

CREW:   One main videographer,  GEAR (Shooting): One camera in 3CCD DV (Standard),

SHOOTING: 8 Hours of on location shooting., EDITING: 10 hour edit session.   INCLUDED: Three DVDs,



MUSIC or MOVIE SCENE VIDEO (Business family and friends act out a song or scene from movie): 

We help you organize costumes, makeup, props and locations….. and we come to you and shoot your favorite music video or movie scene reenactment. It’s your song, your movie concept, your friends and family with your style.  Pop, Rock, Rap, Country or Drama or Science Fiction! We can do it all!

CREW: One main camera operator, GEAR (Shooting): One camera in 3CCD DV (Standard), on-location 6 hours max,

EDITING: 10 hours edit session. Music video lip sync format,   INCLUDED: Three DVDs



FAMILY HISTORY: One (1) Camera Shoot & Edit   

We come to you! In your home we interview your family “TV style”.   Then edit those special memories, to your 5-10 minute polished video presentation. With your scripted voice over (if you choose) and you as the star, we combine the narrative given by your family combined with archival photos and films.  Animation and titles sequences are included with current special effects, to tell your story.

CREW: One main camera operator, One Assistant,   GEAR (Shooting): One camera in 3CCD DV

(Standard), on-location 6 hours max,

EDITING: 10 hour edit session, INCLUDED: Three DVDs




Total: Based on photos included

We professionally edit a series of photographs to a song or VO. Photo pricing is created based on quantity of photos transferred.   Approximately $5 per photo with a 10 photos minimum and a $35 set up fee. One menu driven DVD included.



PHOTO #1: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #2: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #3: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #4: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #5: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #6 ____________________________________________________

PHOTO #7: ____________________________________________________

PHOTO #8: ____________________________________________________

PHOTO #9: ____________________________________________________

PHOTO #10: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #11: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #12: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #13: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #14: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #15: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #16: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #17: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #18: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #19: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #20: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #21: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #22: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #23: ___________________________________________________

PHOTO #24: ___________________________________________________


A. BASIC PACKAGE: “The Tribute Video Program”: $150

24 photographs transferred to video in chronological order, edited to six minutes of pre-recorded music with two titles over the moving photographs, Includes one DVD.



Extra photographs can be added for $5 a piece (over 24 in package) ____________ X $5 each = ______________


C: EXTRA COMPUTER TITLES OVER MOVING VIDEO: $5 a title , ____________ X $5 each = ______________


D: EXTRA MUSIC ADDED: $5 per minute of new music

Their is NO charge if our music is used. We supply a six minute pre-mixed Soundtrack. If customer wants other music tracks, it is $5 per minute of extra music customer may choose music from a list that I would supply. ___________ X $5 each minute = ______________


E: PRERECORDED VIDEO FOOTAGE FOR INSERT PURPOSES (15 Second Intervals): $10 per 15 seconds

The video can also include original videotape footage insert. Video must be cued up to the segment the customer wants to include in the tribute video program, $10 for each 15 seconds of video. _________ X $10 (per 15 seconds) = ___________



The customer will receive one copy of the edited program. Extra duplications are $15 per copy.

_________ X $15 = _______________


A: BASIC PACKAGE: ___________ X $150 each = __________________

B: EXTRA PHOTOGRAPHS: ___________ X $5 each = __________________

C: EXTRA COMPUTER TITLES OVER MOVING VIDEO: ___________ X $5 each = ________________

D: EXTRA MUSIC ADDED: ___________ X $5 each minute = ____________

E: PRERECORDED VIDEO FOOTAGE: ___________ X $10 (per 15 seconds) = ________

F: EXTRA DUPLICATIONS (COPIES): ___________ X 25 each = ___________________


SUB-TOTAL: ________________ TAX: _______________




We come to you and supply a professional high intensity Video Projection and Sound System with a Large screen that will allow all your guest to experience your video anywhere in your banquet hall! We do not need to “tap” into the band or DJ system because we bring all of our own sound equipment. We play the DVD we created on our own system.  We have tested it on our gear to ensure reliability. We guarantee our projection.

CREW: One video projectionist, GEAR: One video projector, one DVD player,

one cart, one audio amplifier, two speakers, one skirted screen (8 X 8 ft.),

ON LOCATION: One location, and minimum charge is one hour or rate @ 80%.

Four hours on location rate is considered full charge.   

Video/Audio Equipment & one Main Operator

First Hour        1 hour on location                                                                                             $500

Half Day:             2-3 hours in one location with one crew chief.                                 $625

Full Day:             3-5 hours in one location with one crew chief.                                 $750

All Day:                Eight (8) Hour day consecutive                                                               $900

Overtime:         Past All Day coverage per hour                                                                  $ 95

Crew Technician:  needed by client and event. per hour                                              $ 35

one location @ 1 hours max.




Same as above, however, Two Large Plasma TV screens replace the video projector.  They are

mounted high in the air fed with a live camera signal of your event.  Camera operator with DVD

playback and live burning of event! $3,699.




Technical crew: Per hour bases                                                                                                                               $ 35



All Shipping (UPS, Federal  Express, US Priority or Express Mail)                           $ (Actual Cost)



We professionally edit a series of photographs to a song or voice over.  Photo pricing is created based

on quantity of photos transferred. Approximately $5 per photo with a 10 photos minimum and a $35 set up fee. One basic menu driven DVD included.



Raw stock duplications are available only after event is paid in full. The rate is $10 per hour of duplication,

and $5 per Disc/cassette. The average cost for raw stock duplication is $30, tax not included.



To sit with an editor and preview raw stock footage that was acquisitioned by our studio

is $65 per hour.  This ensures the footage you want is included in your final video product.



The addition or subtraction of animated sequences, and/or title sequence is

considered editing time charge and $10 per animation or title added/used.



If re-editing is necessary, and it was not our choice that made it necessary,

$115 per hour to re-edit, minimum of 1 hour charge. Client must be present during editing.



We supply two DJ quality speakers, one sound amplifier and all appropriate cables for your

video presentation.  $225



Travel in/outside area (60 mile round trip, portal to portal)                                     $.35 Per Mile

All tolls, motel & food cost                                                                                                         $ (Actual Cost)

All package rates include 2 hours of total travel, 2 hours total for setup & breakdown of all equipment (based on 60 miles round trip, portal to portal). Additional hours of travel and expenses are charged at normal hourly rate plus tolls, millage and any other expense.


1. Billing for Laws firms and Court reporters will be payment in full, net 30 days.

2. Payment in full must be completed before final product is edited.  Shooting requires one payment,

and editing requires a second. No editing is started until that bill is paid.

3. Billing for individuals will be a $300 good faith deposit toward total.

4. All services will require a “Contract for Services” signed prior to work commencing.

  1. Extra Blank digital videotapes, or Betacam SP tapes may be requested with an additional charge

of $10 and $20 respectively.  Duplication charge is separate.